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Alternatives To Surgery  Read this Link: Man Refuses Surgery and Loses Nearly 300 Pounds

Must See Government Caused Epidemic.

Gastric Bypass, and/or Stomach Stapling
New Diabetic Side Effect, Surprise.

New Diabetes Cure, 74% Succeed

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  60 Minutes Coverage Of Obesity Stomach Surgery Curing Diabetes Causes Major Publicity Stir.

Stomach Stapling, by Passes, Result in Unexpected 74% "Cure of Diabetes" Opens window to new research.

"From Diabetes research on latest Diabetes studies, Diabetes releases, 4-8-08 to fix - cure my diabetes, this makes sense to me," Harlan Jacobsen-Diabetic. Copyright © 2008

Those with the sentence of diabetes for the rest of your life. See first hope and light at end of the diabetes tunnel.

Your author has been seeing reports of this for a year, and wrote an article on it in January of 08.

Dr. Bernstien reports on his web site he has been aware of it for some time.

Much has yet to be determined and when I wrote the early article, not many experts had yet commented on the implications.

We were fully aware that only the most obese that had little other hope were allowed by law to have this operation which had a fatality rate of about 1 in 100, risky, as any surgery is.

New publicity is that they now have this down to one in 1000 fatality rates.

Now there is talk of maybe they should change the law.
Those in a hyper state to get a cure for their diabetes and lots of money are booking trips to Argentina and Brazil (legal there) for the operations that offer hope.
For the rest of us here is what happened and how it will hopefully eventually affect us.

We wrote in our hard copy newspaper (Diabetes Cure 101) with an illustration of how the stomach "banding" worked. This one had a connection to your outside and a method to tighten or loosen a stomach band from this external point.

Thus somewhat adjustable. with out further operations. In contrast, gastric bypass totally by passes a certain part of the stomach and it is this operation that had the most surprising unexpected reports from patients that their diabetes suddenly was over a short time after the operation.

The short study that resulted in the 60 minutes publicity shows 70% plus on various operations of this type "fixing" (go off medications no high blood sugar etc.) diabetes as they knew it.

Now this likely is of little help since you can not legally have this operation unless you are extremely obese and nothing else offers any hope.

However, it does open up a whole new avenue of exploration on cures without the surgery since for the first time they now know that this part of the stomach affects diabetes. They had "no idea;" until this discovery that this part of the stomach had the slightest thing to do with diabetes. So before you start lining up in Argentina to get their stomach stapled, give them a shot of doing this part of the stomach fix without surgery.

According to one of my early source article last year, the most of the patients reported on there had stomach band surgery, but "gastric bypass is even more effective against diabetes, achieving remission in a matter of days or a month, said Dr. David Cummings, who wrote an accompanying editorial in the journal but was not involved in the study."

These surgery fixes are dangerous as all surgery is. but many who have tried everything else to lose weight and are unable to stop obesity progression, will accept the risk, so they had not expected it the diabetic fix was a surprise benefit.
Most do not realize that obesity and diabetes are two manifestations of same problem. Fix the cause of one and you fix the cause of the other, should not have been a surprise.


   Purpose Of This Site and Disclaimer

The attached articles are by 42 year researcher, editor, publisher, Harlan Jacobsen (who died of cancer age 85) and his conclusions and recommendations after five years research and personally testing (living it).
It is an all out effort to uncover how to regain the 15 years life expectancy he was told he had lost after being diagnosed with diabetes, an accepted figure by Doctors using standard medical society treatments.
This Web site is his sharing what he has uncovered that works for him and is the current state of information of "what works" and studies on the subject.

Definition of the word "cure" in regard to diabetes is: Return to health, getting off all medications and totally arresting all further advancement of diabetic complications.

Note: The cure for emphysema or lung cancer is NOT to regain the ability to go back to repeat the cause, smoking a pack a day with impunity. Neither, is the ability to go back, regain the ability to repeat the cause, sugar binges etc with impunity, part of the definition of a "cure" for Diabetes.

Author, researcher, publisher, reporter, blogger, Jacobsen had no medical expertise and this site is designed and made to be educational, informative and not intended as medical advice.



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