Metformin Contributes To Neuropathy
Side Effect of Diabetic Drug
Neuropathy Triggered Via B-12 Deficiency
Caused By "Metformin" Biggest Diabetic Drug,
3/4 Diabetics Taking Actos Study Finds Display Neuropathy
Study Says B-12 Deficiency Itself Can Cause Limb Tingling Common To Diabetics
Pill Popping News

All drugs have side effects, Metformin had been banned in U.S. and still is in many countries.


Metformin is most common prescribed drug for Diabetes.

Metformin Cuts B12, Short=Neuropathy
Supplementing B-12 May Help

Articles out on the vitamin B12 deficiency  being shown to trigger peripheral neuropathy in diabetes patients who take the drug (generic) Metformin, trade name 

Because B12 is difficult to absorb, particularly for people over 50 who have a lowered digestive acid, in addition a large percentage have unfriendly digestive
flora and resulting severe B12 shortages.  (yogurt supplementing friendly bacteria helps).

Now they announce that on top of this shortage, diabetics taking Metformin can also cause an increased B12 deficiency.

"A recent survey found that 40% of Metformin users were deficient in vitamin B12." Three-quarters of those Metformin users also displayed the peripheral neuropathy typically found in diabetics. These findings were reported at the American Diabetes Association's 69th Annual Scientific Sessions in June, 2009." 

One of B12 functions is in the firing of nerves, sending important messages from the brain to the body.  Nerve problems in the feet are affecting about 60% of diabetics.

These articles also report that a B12 deficiency in it self can cause the tingling in the limbs common to diabetics  with neuropathy.

B12 reported to help reverse dementia and Alzheimer's disease.  If that is true, then it is apparent B12 shortage caused by anything including taking Metformin, is contributing to dementia and Alzheimer's.

Metformin can now be obtained as a generic in Walmart, Target and others 90 day prescriptions for $10.  The organizations like Consumers Reports that have obtained grants to do tests, find that
Metformin equals or better the latest expensive new diabetes miracle drugs.

We have said from the start Metformin has many very BAD  side effects. This is just one we did not know about, and we suggest you get off all drugs as soon as possible by learning to stop what is causing the problem by changing your diet totally and your lifestyle.

We maintain the modern diet your body was not designed to handle is the problem
and by correcting it, you can learn to control your lack of being able to adjust to modern man diet anymore. 

The taking of medication is primarily to help you to try to get away with a little longer, what you got away with for so long that caused your body to give up on trying to keep you from drowning in high blood sugar.

This is why it is call adult onset diabetes. It
is something your body struggles to handle as long as it can.  Usually until 50, depending on how bad you were abusing it.

We have been telling you that the taking of drugs, long term for diabetes, is something that will more likely do you in from the side effects of the drugs, then from the diabetes.  

You may need to take Metformin temporarily until you learn how to control your blood sugar with diet and lifestyle.

If you do not make the necessary changes and need to stay on Metformin, they are recommending you be tested for B12 deficiency.

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